The 4 Pillars to Social Marketing

There are 4 main essentials you need to have in place are the 4 Pillars To Social Marketing

Social Proof

Opt-In Offer

Email Marketing

Targeted Ads

Digital Marketing has taken a giant leap in 2020. Everyone in the world has had to pivot their businesses to get online onside ring the pandemic we’re going through right now. 

There is no better time than now to learn exactly what it takes to make this whole online thing work like a well-oiled machine.

Businesses that knew they needed to be on social media but never made the jump has been forced to the last few months.

The problem is though, most people slap stuff up on social media, boost an ad, and hope something happens for them. There is no real strategy. This is a hope strategy at best and it can’t be measured. 

In this article, I’m going to give you the 4 pillars of social marketing. Get this down and you’re well on your way to a profitable business.

1. What Is Social Proof?

According to Social proof is the idea that consumers will adapt their behavior according to what other people are doing. This makes a lot of sense. Right?

One of the best places to find social proof is on Social Media.

Here’s how it goes:

Your ideal client hears about you and wants to know more. They pop over to your Facebook Page to find out what you’re all about. Your interested prospect wants to see if you’re the real deal.

Here they decide if you’re the kind of person they want to work with or not. Depending on what’s on your page they make a decision to go further and find out more.

2. The Opt-In

This is where your opt-in comes into play. They see a link on your page for free training, offer, or cheat sheet that you created for your ideal client.

Something of value that your ideal client needs that will help them get some kind of problem to solve.  Creating this will get them to type in their email address and grab your freebie.

This page is an email capture form, landing page, or something of that nature. Creating a capture form with an opt-in offer helps you to build your email list and get people into your world.

Once they opt-in this is where they can go deeper with you and get to know you more. I think this is brilliant because we all know that money is on the list, right? In order to build a landing page, you need a landing page builder tool.

One of the least expensive landing page builders that I personally love is Lead Pages and you can find them by clicking this link

3. Email Marketing

Now that you have your prospect’s email address on your list you can now start marketing directly your prospects. Your prospect now has the option to opt-out of your list. Assuming your prospect doesn’t opt-out you now have the ownership of what happens next with your new prospect. You’ve gotten a micro-conversion by getting them to opt-in.

Next up is to start nurturing your new friend. This is where you send emails to your list and nurture the heck out of them in your next few emails. Adding tons of value during these next few weeks of emails is a surefire way to get your list to buy into your paid offer.

Statistics show on average that you have to get in front of someone’s eyeballs eleven times for them to decide to purchase from you. Eventually, you will send an email with a hook and a pitch for them to purchase a paid offer from you. To capture emails and build an email list you’ll need an email capture tool. Here is my favorite tool that I used to keep my email list informed. 

4. Targeted Ads

Funnels and Ads is another way to reach your ideal client faster with your opt-in offer I suggest you build a Funnel and create Ads targeting your Ideal client. 

Organic reach is still very much alive but it’s a slower process. To find and get your prospect on your list faster create an ads.

This can be done on Google, YouTube, Instagram, and of course Facebook just to name a few.  It really depends on where you have a presence as to where you will place your ad. How this works is someone clicks on your ad and is then taken over to your landing page that displays your opt-in offer.

Your prospect has the option to type in their email address to grab your valuable offer. Immediately after your prospect opts-in they’re taken to a thank-you page. The thank-you page tells your prospect to check their email to find the valuable freebie that you’ve created with them in mind.

Start the process by nurturing your list and making those sales!

To elevate your marketing level and learn how effectively increase website traffic, here is a link to get to one of my mentors that knows everything about funnels. If you have any questions and want to connect. You can email me at  

I hope this added value to you today. Let’s stay friends forever, following me on Facebook.

P.P.S. Total Transparency: Some links in this post may be affiliate links

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