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Easy Graphics Design for Non-designers

How to create Easy Graphic Designs for non-designers for your social media posts? Even if you’ve never designed anything in your life.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” Albert Einstein   Creating graphics can be a daunting task, you see everyone doing it but when you try you just want to pull your hair out.  When putting your designs together you’ll need tools & resources to create easy graphic designs for non-designers. When putting your designs together you’ll need tools & resources to create easy graphic designs for non-designers. Gathering your tools, resources and assets is the first step to create a post for any platform that’s optimized for the most reach. 

Tools, resources, & assets needed

☑️ Canva

☑️ Templates

☑️ Images

☑️ Quotes

☑️ Captions

☑️ Links

☑️ CTA

First, let’s talk about Canva!

When you’re creating posts for social media, remember that all posts should have a purpose. What is the goal that you want for your viewers?

✔️ Is it to learn something?

✔️ Do you want to send them to another page to purchase something?

✔️ Do you then opt-in for something so you can grab their email for your list?

Think with the end in mind:

This is going to help you to better create your posts. You’ll create designs much easier and more quickly which will result in saving you tons of time and brainpower. You can now stop trying to think of something last minute every day with no real goal just for the sake of posting.

How to create easy graphic design inside Canva?

Here is the framework for best practices to create a post that will get you the most bang for your buck.

Pick an image to add to your design inside the Canva tool utilizing any design template that you like.

Create a caption making it congruent with your image

Add links leading your audience to your CTA (call to action)

Canva has great templates that you can choose from to customize the way you like. You can customize your graphic using your brand colors, texts, images, and so forth. You first go to Canva and create an account if you don’t already have one. Pick the size of the image you want to create. Make it easy for you to choose the right size because they’re already PRE-sized for you.

If you want to create a Facebook post you would just go to social images on the design page and choose Facebook post. The same is true for stories, cover photos, and so on for any platform that you will be creating this post for. This is how you start to create an easy graphic design even if you’re a non-designer for Facebook or any other platform of choice.

Let’s talk about Templates & images

Where to get images for your posts? I recommend you take pics yourself at least a third of the time. You can also get free royalty-free stock images from places like

Moose Stock photos




Image templates as well outside Canva from places like

Ivory Mix

Social Curator


Haute Stock

This helps me to get the look I want so that they are more authentic to who I am and stay on brand. That’s a choice you can make for yourself, but don’t let it be an excuse as to why your not creating posts for social media.

Canva is a free tool that has a paid option. I highly recommend this tool. Use what you have access to until you get to the place that you can upgrade your tools.

Now let’s talk about the templates.

I use templates that I purchased from Biz Template Babe that are totally customizable. And they have no images in them at all; they are blank templates set up for you to design any way you choose.

These templates let you create mock-ups, PDF’s, Opt-in offers, cheat sheets, e-books, and so much more. And/or any type of post that you want as well as presentations, webinars, landing pages, and the list goes on. They really make life easier for a non-designer.


Quotes are what you would layer over your graphic or image. To do this you would need to click on the text tab on the left-hand side toolbar inside Canva. You’ll see the text box pop up on your design then you would change the text to the quote that you want to say. There are so many fun and inspiring quotes out there, All you have to do is google and you’ll find whatever type of quote you’re looking for.

Captions, Links, & CTA’s

This is the part that needs to be thought about in depth before even starting to create your design. “Think with the end in mind,“ This is the final destination of what you want your viewer to do next. Think about what you want your viewer to know Then write your copy in the caption section of your post

Bonus: Here’s the idea of what your caption should look like

Your first sentence should tell a story that relates to the thing you want your viewer to grasp by the end of your post.

Second sentence shares some sort of problem your viewer can relate to

The third sentence shares how you’ve overcome that problem and how you can help them overcome it as well.

The fourth Sentence gives your call to action.

And you leave any links you want them to click on in the comment section

Letting them know where they need to click to get the thing you promise

This will lead up to your call to action, with leaving links for the next steps you want your viewer to take. The CTA could be something like

☑️ Click here to grab my XYZ

☑️ Click the Learn More button to get more information

☑️ Call Now to set an appointment

☑️ Click here to watch this video

BOOM! Your post is now ready to publish

And that’s how To create easy Graphic Designs for non-designers, see how this works? Doing these tasks will get you to your end goal which is ultimately making a sale.

The templates I used to create my posts most of the time. I purchase from Biz Template Babe. You can click on the name of each tool to check out if you see something you’re interested in.

I get the privilege of creating an income from affiliates want to be totally transparent and let you know that some of my links are my affiliate links.

The links mentioned in this article for you to go check out click on the links and see if there is a resource or that might make your marketing designs faster and easier to create.

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Author: Jeanie Scott Founder of the Science2socialmedia Marketing Lab.


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