Get over the fear of video, it’s time to Start Going Live!

Attention: Are you scared of being on camera? Get over the fear of video, it’s time to start going live!

We’ve all been there. The fear of the camera can be a paralyzing force, but it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to overcome this fear and get over it once and for all. Here at Jeanie Scott Media, we want to help you do just that! Get over the fear of video, it’s time to start going live!

Many people are too scared to get in front of the camera and live stream. They may be afraid of looking silly, or they may not feel confident enough with their skills on camera, but one thing is for certain – video is here to stay!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can use Facebook Live Video as a way to promote your business and work towards overcoming the fears of being on camera.

One of the best parts about Facebook Live Video is how easy it is to use.

First, you create a live video and then share it on your business’s page or even your individual profile so that people can see what you’re doing as they tune in. You can also go live at any time by tapping “Live” while on your phone!

This feature has made streaming more accessible for everyone- not just those with professional equipment! You don’t need any fancy equipment or expensive software – Facebook Live is FREE! All you need is your phone and an internet connection. It’s easy, fun, and will make your business and life better in so many ways.

Here are some things to keep in mind when going live.

When filming yourself, make sure there isn’t anything distracting behind you that may cause people watching to focus their attention away from what you have to say.

It’s important that viewers hear every word- especially if this content will be shared digitally later on.

How do you feel about getting on camera?

You know educating people about your business will definitely help but the fear of video comes over you and you think…“Are people going to judge me when I put myself out there? Will I look foolish on camera?”

These are just a couple of thoughts that come up for many people who want to use Facebook Live Videos. If we take in any advice from experts or read articles across the internet one common theme sticks out:

Fear is what keeps us back.

Fear can be crippling and hold us back from so much; whether it’s public speaking, networking events, or even trying new things like starting our own businesses on social media sites.

In order to get past the fear of getting on camera, there are some things you can do to help with that.

Practice in front of a mirror

Find someone to help you film and ask for feedback

Watch other people’s Facebook Lives to see what they do on camera.

Try out different things until you find something that makes you feel comfortable

Create a list of topics that will be easy for you to talk about during your live videos, such as recipes, fashion tips, or DIY projects

Turn off the lights so it feels more intimate 

Wear clothes that make you feel confident and attractive

For more information on how to run a Facebook live video and how to make a live video flow.

Grab my FREE, Live Video Formula Template Here.

I wanna tell you about my ICA (Ideal Client Avatar)

Meet Kelly, she is the perfect human that I want to work with. Kelly and her family own the neighborhood convenience store that they built from the ground up, and it has thrived for over 30 years but lately business has been terrible. The pandemic just about put them out of business, but with a few major budget cuts and letting go of a couple of employees they saved the store; however they aren’t really making much of a profit in their business.

Now, Kelly knows they need to put their business online and create a buzz with live video, but she’s afraid of what could happen.  Kelly is nervous about the idea of putting her family’s store online, she knows that in order to save it they need to do something but it’s not like she, her husband and their kids are experts when it comes to social media or anything. They know what needs to be done, they just don’t know-how.

After a long talk with one of their employees who has experience with such things, Kelly realizes he’s right, and they can get this off the ground if they just put their minds together and learn what it’s going to take to get in the groove of doing Facebook live videos.

Kelly gives me a call, and we have a long talk about what steps she needs to take to save her and her family’s business. She starts going live on Facebook and shares what her store is doing along with any events they support and community news. She found her niche online, started her family’s live videos and things started picking up.

How would it feel if you found your live video groove and started generating more leads and attracting more clients?

Now of course this is my made-up scenario but can you relate to this story? Does this sound like you? If so and you want to get your business online and start your live video show then grab my Facebook live formula template. Click here to sign up!

Inside this template, I show you how to go live with confidence every day!


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