7 Marketing Tips for Your Small Business Facebook Page

The way we market is very different today than it was 20 or 30 years ago. Over the years marketing has changed. Marketing my business to get the word out that there was a new service in the area is the first thing I did.

I put ads in the newspaper and ran them continually; I made up flyers and door hangers with a cute logo and clever copy. I door knocked on the neighborhood I wanted to work in. I made phone calls to warm and hot leads (I never was much of a cold caller) and sent out mailers. I built my business to the tune of $60,000 profit within the first year of starting my small service.

30 years ago, that was a decent living. Several years later I started my landscaping service. I did the same thing and built it to be a 6-figure business.

The home care service was marketed the same way and was a 6-figure business. Marketing has changed quite a bit through the years.

The way we market is very different today than it was 20 or 30 years ago. Some of those things still work today but not as fast or as good as back then.

Social Media Marketing is the trend these days, and I’m finally catching on. I’m proof you can teach an old dog new tricks.

For the last 3 years, I’ve been testing things out with Facebook to build my coaching business. I had a lot to learn. Considering that the newspaper is pretty much irrelevant these days (I don’t know of anyone in my sphere of influence who still reads the paper). Mailers can and do work but not like Social Media where your reach is much further and faster than it is doing things old school.

If you’re over 50 you want to start a new business or uplevel your marketing in your existing business and you realize that social media marketing is what you’re missing. If you’re experiencing the same problem, I was with not wanting to learn all the things social media (and heck anything techy) but have decided to throw in the towel and jump on the bandwagon social media marketing bandwagon then this blogpost is for you. Let me share my journey with you. I have built several business pages trying to figure out what I do exactly. 

I knew I had experience with business building and was and am quite good at it (if I do say so myself). I knew I had experience with business building and was and am quite good at it (if I do say so myself). I decided I wanted to build a coaching business helping others develop small businesses or up-level an existing business.

There was one problem though…The way I did things to build my businesses isn’t the way you do it today or at least not the most efficient way that will get you the most return. When I started building my coaching service, I realized I needed to start back at square one and learn marketing all over again.

My journey of learning:

began with buying programs and getting certifications. 

I have purchased every course that had to do with social media, webinars, list building, marketing, and so on. I bought it from the best too.

I have courses from Sean Cannell and Sunny Lenarduzzi, Amy Landino, Luria Petrucci, Amy Porterfield, The John Maxwell Team, as well as the John Maxwell Market Smart Team. And I purchased courses I didn’t learn a lot from, but they weren’t a complete waste. I can always learn something.

I buckled down and started learning and have been learning for the past three years everything I can about marketing and building a business in today’s world and our AI culture.

I created my website, (believe it or not I did).

I have developed several Facebook business pages of all different names some that didn’t work and some that did okay until I figured out the secret to building a successful page.

I did this to help me figure out what I do exactly and what I want to teach and how to teach it. I’ve done a lot of lousy videos and some not-so-bad videos using the Facebook live feature.

I wanted to get used to being on camera and learn the flow of how videos should go.

I’ve been confused and crazed by all the tech noise out there, and I have been frustrated at times.

I have experienced the shiny object syndrome, and if I’m honest, I still have a problem with that. I want to know everything there is to know about the techy social world.

Now I don’t suggest anyone spend all of the money I did on learning these new or new to me marketing tactics. I’ve spent over $100,000.00 on courses and certifications in the last three years. I’m putting together this training so that you can avoid paying all the money that I did and avoid the confusion that I’ve experienced.

Side note: My suggestion is to listen to one voice. I don’t care whose voice it is – find one voice that resonates with you and focus on that person.

Let them mentor you until you have learned all that you can from them and then move on to the next person or thing that you want to learn. When you listen to many voices at one time, it confuses, slows you down, and that’s no fun. Do not try to learn everything at one time. You can’t take it all in and be effective. I know personally.

It’s a hard thing to overcome, but I have, and I have more clarity today than I have in the last three years. I want to help you to learn to market your business. I want to help you to get faster results with spending as little money as possible to learn social media tactics.

With that said, you do have to spend money. If you were to take a marketing course to learn what you needed to learn to do what you wanted to do.

My goal is to make that as painless as possible.

Most small businesses set up their page and never even look at their settings. They never fill out the tabs to the left of their page or the settings properly.

You need to know how to set up your Facebook page so the algorithms to show your status. Being inconsistent with posting will hurt you too. Then there are all the other tools that Facebook has created for you to be able to market your business.          

These are things that Facebook lets us use totally free to market our businesses. How to set up each piece of your page in the way that Facebook designed it to work for your business that will help you gain the most reach, this is a step-by-step training that I create for you to make this process simple and easy.

Creating a Facebook Page is easier than you think. This course can help you understand how to start connecting with others and building your audience.

Here are the “7 Facebook Page Marketing Strategy Tips” that you will be able to utilize with a Facebook page.

Your Facebook Canvas: 

This is where you can create ads branded to you and your business. These are full-screen ads that you can implement Images and Video on, swipe through carousels, texts, and a whole lot more.

Facebook Insights: This is a tool every business must use, this shows you what posts are performing well if your videos, links, and text, are working with your audience and you can see what interests your audience.

To learn more about Facebook marketing click below.


Scheduling your posts: You can schedule out your entire week or more of posts, it helps to not stress about getting your posts out every day. You block out time to create and schedule your posts.

Removing Links: When you upload videos from another platform, the links are embedded in your posts. You can remove the links from the post itself, that way it doesn’t look so messy.

Cover Photos & Images: Yep, that’s right with a business page you can upload videos as your cover photo.

Targeting tools: On your business page, you can target posts for specific people. Age, gender, language, location, and interests.

Keywords: Adding keywords to your posts like all search engines makes your posts more searchable.

Bonus Tip: You can pin a post to the top of your page, so if you have something special going on that your audience might be interested in you can pin it to the top of your page. If you’re having trouble with your page or don’t have one at all then What I want to start with is helping you with building your Facebook page and showing you the right way, and how to stay compliant with Facebook policies as well as how to get the most reach utilizing your Facebook page. 

In this training, you will learn:

what is good copy and how to make your page the most relational to your audience.

Learn how to create your Facebook Page.

Learn how to create different types of content like photos, videos, and more.

Are you interested? If so, then click the link below and contact me to get your “Facebook Page” set up the right way and start learning Small Business Marketing.

Contact Me Here: https://www.jeaniescottmedia.com/discovery-call

Let’s get this started and get you moving in the right direction for your business. To learn more about Facebook marketing click below.


If you’re having trouble knowing who you’re marketing to, then grab my guide here: WHOSE PROBLEM ARE YOU SOLVING?


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