7 Amazing Ideas to Make Your Custom Thumbnails Pop

Thumbnails are commonly used in digital media to provide a quick and easy way for users to preview content before they decide to click through to the full version.

Today I’m giving you 7 Amazing Ideas to Make Your Custom Thumbnails Pop. Whether you’re posting a video on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or any other platform including a blog post.

What is a thumbnail?

A thumbnail is the first image impression a person sees when scrolling over videos on any social media site or search engine like Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any platform for that matter. There is significant impact on whether or not they decide to watch it, and it’s the thing that grabs attention to stop someone’s thumb in. They are usually small, square or rectangular images that are displayed on a webpage, search engine results page, or video platform, and often include a title or caption to give users more context about the content.

Create Custom Thumbnails

Your content might be amazing, but if it’s not packaged in a way that will draw viewers to watch, well! They’ll never know what they’re missing out on. Creating custom thumbnails is a lot easier nowadays since we have some amazing tools that we have available to us today. 

Below are other tools that can help you to create dynamic designs that will result in you getting more clicks on your video.

7 tools that are either free or very inexpensive









Another great tool to create videos and great thumbnails is Vidyard. And you can sign up for free here https://www.vidyard.com/blog/video-thumbnail/

Video Thumbnail Options in Vidyard Free

The free version of Vidyard offers four options for setting your thumbnail. Simply click on your desired option on the edit page to set your thumbnail.

Static Thumbnail—Vidyard will automatically set a still image from your video as the video thumbnail

Animated Thumbnail—Vidyard will automatically generate an animated GIF of a clip from your video to use as the video thumbnail

Custom Thumbnail: Upload—Choose an image from your computer to set as the thumbnail (Vidyard will automatically resize it to fit your player)

Custom Thumbnail: Take a Picture—Launch the Vidyard Chrome extension to take a photo using your webcam to set as your thumbnail 

(Note: This tends to work best for webcam videos as this helps ensure the thumbnail is consistent with your video content)

Select From Video —Select either a single static point in the video as a thumbnail or choose a short clip to use as an animated GIF. Put your videos to work with Vidyard, the platform that lets you create, host, manage, and share your videos —and set the best thumbnails possible. Creating graphics that are compelling to your audience is a superpower that most content creators don’t focus on. 

Don’t let that be you, thumbnails are the most important piece to getting more viewers watching your videos.

Elements your thumbnail needs to have

Attention-grabbing title

Compelling Image

On brand with your logo and website

Mobile friendly thumbnails

Let’s talk about an Attention-Grabbing Title

Your title needs to tell what your content is all about and what your viewers will know after watching your video. How will it help your viewers to get some great result they’ve been looking for to solve a problem they want to solve.

In my business, I always create the title before I ever create a video or blog.

Creating the Title First

This helps me to know what details I need to add to the video and in what order they need to be in. Creating the title first tells me what gear I need to share and what tools I need to know about. Then I can share the skills that need to be learned so, you can get the amazing result you are looking to get out of watching my video.

Creating a compelling Image

I use a tool called Canva, to get this tool click this link canva.com. Inside Canva you can create any size image you wish for any platform.

Canva is one of my favorite tools that I use daily to create some great content. This tool will definitely help you create custom thumbnails. It’s a user-friendly tool that will eliminate the struggle of having to learn a more complicated tool. Or worse having to hire an expensive graphic designer for all your thumbnails that you need to create “OUCH”.

Canva has a free version that is super robust. However, I do have the paid version, A very affordable tool at just $10 a month at the time I’m writing this blog post.

Elements every thumbnail needs to have

Stay On brand with your logo and add your website URL. Use your brand colors to stay with your brand. Choosing bright colors will help your thumbnails stand out as well as your brand.

Use the same font’s that are usually used for most of your content. Doing this will help to keep you on brand and get your audience use to you and know who you are. Staying with the same fonts, colors, and adding your logo creates trust by staying on brand.

You’ll also want to add your website so that your viewers can find and stay connected to you.

Create thumbnails that are mobile-friendly

When designing your thumbnail or anything for that matter make sure to create content that is user-friendly for any device and especially mobile-friendly. You know most viewers are watching from their smartphones. You’ll miss the mark and leave a lot of people out that may be interested in your video if it’s not easily viewed on a mobile device.

Connect with the viewer

Humanize your thumbnail by adding a headshot of you making a silly face is also helps to create curiosity. People scrolling will keep scrolling until they see something that makes them curious to see what’s inside a video. Add an image of you and your ability to connect in a way that grabs even deeper emotion. Connecting with the viewer involves understanding their perspective, interests, and needs, and tailoring your message to resonate with them.

Creating attractive eye-catching thumbnails will help pique a viewer’s interest.

Getting more clicks, and most likely will have a great impact on your conversion rate. After all, that’s why we create content in the first place, isn’t it? Putting in the effort is worth the return that you’ll get when you optimize your video’s in a way that will get you more reach.

Working to create quality thumbnails in a way the helps a viewer to know that what’s inside your video is going to help them solve a specific problem and it’s going to help you with getting the desired result you want.

“Giving others what they want will help you to get what you want”

Now that you’re familiar with thumbnails and some best tips for creating video thumbnails, I hope you enjoyed this article. Now It’s time to make Your Custom Thumbnails Pop.

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